14Nov 2016

How to make your clients eager to buy your products and services

Your clients come to website to read your content. They like what you’re talking about, and you can see how your visits increase month by month.


However, your sales don’t.


You can feel that something’s wrong because even if you’re attracting potential clients who like your content, they don’t end up buying your offer.

It’s frustrating, because you know that your products and services will improve the situation of your potential clients.

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07Nov 2016

How to translate blog posts into Spanish to multiply your blog income and visibility

“David, why people aren’t interested in my content?”

“I’ve spent a lot of time and money in getting my website translated but I’m not getting any new visitors.”

“I have translated blog posts into Spanish, but they’re not attracting any traffic to my website.”

“Blogging is dead, no one is paying attention to my posts.”

Why can’t I increase my sales, David. I don’t get it.”

I keep getting this type of comments day after day.

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31Oct 2016

halloween taught me about copywriting

I have to admit that Halloween is one of my favourite celebrations.

I’m a big fan of everything scary (even though I get scared very easily!)

This year I’ve been so busy with my business, that I haven’t had much time to prepare an amazing costume or big Halloween party.

However, I had more time to analyse how different brands do their Halloween marketing campaigns and that made me think how Halloween can have an impact on businesses.

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24Oct 2016

translate your digital product

You’ve been working hard on your blog and website.

You have invested (time and money) in graphic design, content marketing, SEO and so many other necessary skills to increase the visibility of your blog.

You may have even taken a course on blogging or digital marketing to take your website and business to the next level.

And that’s how you created a first digital product. You know that digital products are a good way to start monetising all these efforts through your website and blog.

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