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19Jun 2017

establish long-term relationships with international clients

When it comes to internationalisation, different strategies need to be implemented for the different audiences that a business is targeting.

It makes sense, because different audiences living in different cultural contexts and countries won’t have the same needs. Hence, businesses will have to adapt their products and services if they want to target them.

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08May 2017

compensate the lack of language skills

Globalisation is bringing countries together. Nowadays, it’s quite common to have online business meeting among different countries. Last Friday, I had three different business meetings with clients in Spain, France and the US.

However, as organisations globalise, when it comes to doing business in international markets, expectations rise as well, which includes the need to trade in the local market’s language.

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13Dec 2016

2017 is getting closer and closer.

It’s time to analyse the performance of our businesses and plan the strategies for the next year.


2017 is still a blank canvas, and it’s up to us to design what’s going to happen over the next 12 months.


It may seem scary, so much plan to do, so many actions to take… I see it like a fresh start. This new year let us remove all the bad decisions that we’ve taken in 2016, to focus on what actually worked, and implement innovative strategies that bring results.

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05Dec 2016

Visual content or text: which one is better to attract readers and grow your business?

Is it better to have a visual portfolio to showcase your previous assignment or a well-written service page on your website to inform your audience about your offer?


Are people actually reading your texts these days, or do they prefer visual content not to read endless copies?


Are pictures enough to market your business?


I’m sure that you have asked yourself all these questions when marketing your services or setting up your website. Finding a balance between visual content and text can be tricky.

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