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25Apr 2017

ofertas de prácticas de traducción

Muchos pueden pensar que ser autónomo significa trabajar por tu cuenta, solo en tu oficina. Especialmente cuando hablamos de traductores autónomos.

Sin embargo, no siempre es así. En ocasiones se presenta la oportunidad de trabajar con alumnos en prácticas, como Alba, que están buscando ofertas de prácticas de traducción. Esto tiene ventajas para ambas partes: a la vez que le enseñas al alumno los aspectos de ser autónomo que se esconden entre bambalinas, también aprendes a trabajar y gestionar un equipo y proyectos.

Un tandem perfecto.

Hoy le cedo esta entrada del blog a Alba para que os cuente cómo es trabajar con un autónomo. ¡No os perdáis ningún detalle!

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05Sep 2016

translation and interpreting internship

(You can read the post in Spanish here.)

The freelance life may be a bit lonely sometimes.

But what happens when you have the chance to work hand in hand, not just with a intern, but also a good friend?

Projects were finished more fluently, and we were able to progress quicker and better. And obviously, it’s so much fun when you work with a friend!

This summer I’ve been part of an internship program organised by the University of Alcalá in Madrid. During the last two months, I’ve got the pleasure to work with Irene Fuentes. I thought it would be interesting to talk to her about the benefits of doing an internship remotely with a freelancer.

So I’ve asked her some questions that she will answer through this post. If you’re thinking about doing a translation and interpreting internship, don’t miss out all the tips and her experience working for Circa Lingua.

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29Jun 2015


The title says it all. It’s been a year since Circa Lingua’s website was born. After a couple of years combining freelance work with different job posts such as language teacher and in-house translator, in July 2014 I decided to give my freelance career a boost and work full-time as a freelance translator and interpreter.

It hasn’t been easy. I still remember having worked until the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes working on my own business, sometimes working against a deadline (it sounds familiar, right?) I had to face people telling me that I was crazy, that I shouldn’t quit my jobs, that this project was very risky. Yet, my wee baby, this little project was born.

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28Dec 2014


As 2015 is coming, it is now the ideal moment to think about what we want to improve as professionals and the objectives that we want to fulfil for the next year. As translators and interpreters, we may share some of these resolutions and maybe we can be inspired by other translators’ ones; that is why I have decided to gather my 10 New Year’s resolutions.

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