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20Jun 2016

cheap certified translation services

Before I get slapped by every single translator reading this blog post, I’d like to clarify that this isn’t a post offering cheap translation services. Because I don’t.

I admit that translation services, especially certified translation services, can be quite expensive (or maybe not, but I’ll get to this point in a moment).

Most people may think that translating a few words in a one page long document just takes a few minutes – why should this service be that expensive then?

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23Feb 2016


One of the questions that I’ve heard from colleagues since I started working as a freelancer is: how much should I charge for X?

I have already talked about pricing services and products in this blog, so I want to talk about the question that comes after this one: but my client is going to say that that’s too expensive, what can I do?

And that’s one of the most common problems. When we’re elaborating a quote for a client, we tend to think: “I can’t charge this because they’re going to think that I’m too expensive. I’ll charge this instead”.

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21Sep 2015


You have finally managed to have a continuous workflow that keeps you busy during the week.

You love what you do. However, you still struggle to get to make ends meet.

I’m sure that you deserve to earn more. And so do you.

It can be frustrating when you spend all your time working on a project, but this isn’t reflected in your monthly income.

I know that feeling and that’s why I encourage you to make a change.

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30Jun 2015

If we set up our own business, it’s because we want to make a living out of it. And whether you like it or not, that means earning money. During our first steps in the business world, we are obsessed about making money, but one of the mistakes that I have noticed is that very few people know where their money actually comes from. Analysing income streams should be a priority.

We need to know every income stream to get to know what’s working within out businesses and where we should put our efforts (i.e. marketing and business efforts). Let’s see how we can do that and how we can make the most of this simple tip.

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15Apr 2015


Simple and straight to the point. Just like we want to get paid, am I wrong? Today, I am going to list some tips that you could implement in your business to ensure that your clients pay you on time. How many times have we had to deal with clients that pay late (if they even pay at some point)?

Let’s reshape our structure to collect payments and build a relationship with clients that we can trust. I have divided this blog in three parts:

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