We always try to convince our audience that we are the solution they are looking for. We want to be honest through our website copy and promote our products and services in a way that our audience can trust us. However, sometimes this doesn’t work. We sit in front of our laptops and end up typing a text filled with marketing formulas that don’t convey what we really want to.

I’ve also been in the same position before I specialised in copywriting. As a matter of fact, that was one of the reasons that lead me to study and learn more about copywriting. Today, I’ll talk about 9 tips that you can implement to improve a sales copy and the quality of your texts to boost your sales.

1. Write useful and specific information

Avoid using adjectives merely to decorate your texts. They will make your text wordier, difficult to read and less straight-forward. Try not to use adjectives such as world-class, market-leading or groundbreaking; they don’t really express anything.

2. Reduce the marketing formulas used in your copy

Formulas such as:

“Hundreds/Millions of users have already joined us? Why don’t you join us too?”

Instead of using “hundreds” or “millions”, you can use real data that you have gathered during your professional career. For example, “27 clients are already selling their products in Spain thanks to my services”. Using real numbers and data will make you be more trust-worthy.

Avoid asking your audience “why-not” questions. If your audience really think about this type of questions, they would probably come up with several reasons why they shouldn’t do what you are asking them to. Instead, you can give them a reason why they should do it. For example, “join us to get free business tips.”

3. Don’t be overly polite

During my career as a copywriter, I’ve seen structures such as: “If you’d like to join our newsletter, you just have to add your email…”

It’s not bad to be polite to your clients. Not at all. But copies must be concrete. People don’t want to waste time reading endless sentences saying thanks for doing this or that. Offer what they want, and they will appreciate it more than a simple “please” or “thank you”.

4. Give honest reasons

Take your text sentence by sentence and ask yourself why you have included each of these sentences. Asking yourself why is the key when we are writing sales copies.

Be honest with your reasons and imagine that you’re talking only to one of your clients. This way your voice will sound more real. And this leads us to…

5. Expand your reasons

Once you know why you have written your texts and the arguments that you’re using to convince your audience, you have to bear in mind the needs of your readers and see when both meet.

Talk about your readers’ needs is the last step to attract their attention, so bear them in mind!

Tackle the most difficult parts

Getting back to this why-not question, now it’s time to ask yourself: why isn’t my audience likely to work with me?

Make a list with all the reasons that come to your my mind and write about them. For example, one of the reasons you’re probably thinking about is the price of your services or products. Then, don’t try to hide your prices, give convincing reasons for your prices and convince them that it is worth it to invest in your products.

Reduce the use of exclamations and capital letters

They could be a good way to express urge or a strong call to action, but if you use them too much through your texts, they will lose this nuance and your text won’t sound natural nor will be easy and pleasant to read.

Highlight the benefits

Don’t talk just about your academic and professional background to convince your audience, you have to tell them what they are going to gain thanks to your expertise. At the end of the day, you readers are interested in what you can offer them, not in the marks that you got during your degree.

You can see a good example of this here. As you can see, I have listed the benefits right after the services that I provide. Try to turn the features of your products and services into benefits for your readers.

Invest in the quality of your texts to improve a sales copy

If you think that you’re not able to produce quality copies, don’t hesitate and invest in the quality of your texts. This investment will be worth it as soon as your text is published on the Internet and start attracting people to your business.

Otherwise, not only you won’t be able to attract that many potential clients, but you’ll be losing clients if they read texts with grammatical errors or texts whose translations make no sense. (It wouldn’t be the first time we see this, right?)

Do you implement already any these tips? Do they work for you? Would you add any tip to the list? I’d love to hear from you!

About David Miralles Perez

My name is David Miralles and I am aware of how languages can influence professional environments. Honing communication between two cultures has become crucial in today’s globalized world. And that is what I do by means of my translation and interpreting services. Small and medium enterprises and individuals can now spread their messages through cultural and linguistic barriers and make a big impact on an international scale.

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