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Something big happened last week.

This blog won Bab.la’s contest in the category of Language Professionals Blogs (and we ranked #2 for Twitter Accounts!):
Top 25 Language Professional Blogs 2016  
Top 25 Language Twitterers 2016
It may not sound that impressive for some of you. At the end of the day, there are thousands of blogs out there that have won a competition at some point. However, this meant something else for me.

Thanks to this small victory, I noticed how many people are supporting my business. And people are the most important asset of any business.

As Lukas Graham says in his song: ”the smallest voices can make it major”. And all of you prove this to be right with your votes. THANKS!

That’s why I’ve rearranged the blog posts that I had planned to pencil this one in. It’s the ideal moment to talk about people and their relationship with your business.

As I always say, communication, and hence businesses, wouldn’t exist without words. And it’s in our hands to use these words to make people fall in love with our businesses through emotional copywriting.


Why is it so important?

I’d like you to think about the best TV commercial that you’ve ever seen. For me it’s this one:

And now I’d like to think why you’ve thought about that one in specific. Maybe it’s because it made you laugh, or sad, or maybe it’s because you feel identified with it, or because somehow it touched you.

Well, that’s what we call emotional copywriting.

Through emotional copywriting, you can create an emotional connection between your audience and your brand.


If you want to sell, you need to make your clients fall in love with your business first

I read this sentence somewhere and I couldn’t agree more.

It’s very hard to make a potential client buy from you, if s/he doesn’t know your business first.

However, with a good sales funnel in place and carefully using the correct words, you can lead this client through the sales process making him/her trusting you and your business.

 emotional copywriting

1// Listen to your audience

You need to know who’s your audience to talk to them.

Have you ever been on a date with someone who only talks about himself? I’m sure you can relate. Do you find that attractive?

Well, the same applies to your business. Saying that you are the best in your industry isn’t enough. You need to make an effort and listen to your audience.

You need to know:

  • what they are concern about;
  • what they expect from you;
  • why they should hire you/buy from you;
  • how you can improve their situation, etc.

Remember that if your copy mentions more “I” and “we” than “you”, there’s something wrong.

Start listening to your readers, and then provide answers to their questions.


2// Why do you what you do?

It’s not the first time that I talk about this. Not many people think about why they do what they do. Most of them know what they do and how they do it. But why are you doing it?

This represents the core of the value of your business. Your passion behind what you do. You need to convey this passion through words so people can feel identified with the values of your business.

Now there’s a whole new generation of online businesses competing with each other, and this is what it’s going to differentiate you from the rest.

3// Show your weaknesses through emotional copywriting

Because no one is perfect. Not even people behind businesses. And that makes us human beings.

Every time I’ve got a doubt, I like to ask my readers about their opinion. There’s always someone that can help. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Then I’ll be able to help many people (with this blog, for example).

I always like to promote a community where people can exchange opinions and information. People need to feel that they are talking to humans behind a brand:

emotional copywriting

I make mistakes. In fact, I’ve made quite a lot of mistakes during the past years in my business. And I don’t mind to admit it and talk about them. Everyone has made a mistake at some point, and I don’t want my readers to make the same mistake than me. If I can help them to avoid these mistakes, I’m going to do what it takes to do so. And if that means that I have to show myself as an imperfect human being, then be it, because I am not!

You have no idea how many times people tell me “you shouldn’t be posting this on Facebook or Twitter”. But sorry, I like to act exactly how I am. Sometimes that’s a good thing, but it can be a bad thing as well. At the end of the day, I like my readers to get to know me (for the good or the bad).

So forget about “I need to be professional”, because you can be a professional and still be a person behind a business.

4// Give without expecting anything in return

For me, all the content that I’m giving for free, such as this eBook or the content of my blog is the way I say thank you to my readers. I’m not expecting anything in return. Actually, I’m not earning any money writing these lines.

However, you can see the results of being constant when people invest some of their times to vote for your blog in a contest!

If you just keep posting blog posts or sending emails to clients about your products or offers expecting them to buy from you, you’ll be considered spam and no one will pay attention to your posts and updates.

5// Don’t let the flame burn out

As in relationships, we shouldn’t bore our audience. If we have a routine, make sure that you add something extra to spice things up. Otherwise, they’ll start to take your business for granted.

You can create a new product and give away some samples. Or you can also run a contest on Facebook to engage with your audience.

I’m sure you can come up with a few ideas to surprise your audience. The main point here is to make things different to attract the attention of your readers and remind them that you’re there through emotional copywriting.

6// How do your clients want to feel when they buy from you?

And this can be a tricky one.

Have you ever noticed that people normally remember very good or bad experiences? People don’t normally pay attention to costumer service when their relationship with the brand has been average. They normally tell how rude someone has been, or how well s/he’s been treated.

Now it’s time to put yourself into your clients’ shoes. How would you like to be treated if you were they? Brainstorm and make a list and then think about what aspects can you implement in your business to enhance these feelings.

For example, if you client is particularly worried about their privacy, maybe you can work on your terms of business and include and privacy clause.

I’m sure that you can come up with a few aspects that you can implement or change in your business to make your clients feel special when they buy from you.


Have you ever implemented emotional copywriting in your business? Do you promote real conversation in your marketing strategy? How do you do it? I’d love to hear from you!

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