How to make your clients eager to buy your products and services

Your clients come to website to read your content. They like what you’re talking about, and you can see how your visits increase month by month.


However, your sales don’t.


You can feel that something’s wrong because even if you’re attracting potential clients who like your content, they don’t end up buying your offer.

It’s frustrating, because you know that your products and services will improve the situation of your potential clients.

But maybe they don’t know that.


If your visitors aren’t buying your products or services, this may be due to mainly two cases:



Do you feel identified with one of these cases?


(Re)evaluate your ideal customer avatar

I always recommend doing this exercise every two years.




Because your business evolves, and you may want to increase your prices or offer a different line of services and products, which may affect the type of ideal customer avatar that you’re targeting at this moment.

If you have never analysed your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA), you need to do it right now. You need to know who you’re talking to and who’s visiting your website to adapt your texts to them.


You need to know their concerns and biggest problems and struggles to adapt your products and services to tackle them.


Even if you have your ICA in mind, you may be attracting a different type of potential clients to your website. If this is your case, you need to ask yourself what you’re doing to attract this type of client:

  • Maybe the texts on your website aren’t adapted to you actual ICA.
  • Maybe you’re not participating in the right forum.
  • Maybe the content of your blog isn’t really targeting the biggest problems of your actual ICA.
  • Maybe your brand isn’t reflecting the values of your business; hence you’re not connecting with your audience.

It may be tricky to identify what you’re doing wrong to attract the wrong audience to your website, but you must do it as you need to make sure that your marketing efforts attract the right potential clients to your website.


Three keys that will make your products and services sell themselves

If you’re not sure if your products or services have the potential to be sold, you should ask yourself if you’re meeting the following key aspects:


  • The benefits of your products and services are linked to the core needs and concerns of your clients

If you’re solving the core needs of your clients, this is a first indicator that you’ll be able to sell your products and services.

Remember that your clients must also be aware that they have the problems that you’re solving and that they can do something to avoid these problems.


  • The design of your products or services matches the experience that your clients want to live.

When we buy something, we picture in our heads how our lives are going to change after buying a product or a service.

Commercials selling make-up are a good example of this. They show us how their products are going to make us beautiful, slimmer or more attractive, right?

Then you should be doing the same.

Imagine how your clients see themselves when they buy your offer and make sure that you meet their expectations.


  • You’re showing your potential clients how they can overcome their problems.

Are your clients aware of the problem that they have? This problem may not be as obvious for them as it is for you.


I had this problem with my translation services. Most of my clients weren’t aware of how my translations services can benefit their businesses. I could see the problems that they were having (illegible websites and leaflets, communication problems with their international clients, etc.) It was obvious for me, but not for them.


If that’s also your case:

You need to start attracting these clients to your website and educate them through the content on your website, to open their eyes and make them realise that they actually need your products and services.


6 tips to make your clients eager to buy your products and services

The answer is words. Your business is composed by words and you should use them to make them want your offer. In fact, you should make them desire your offer.


And believe me, you can do it through words. No matter if you’re writing a blog post, a sales page or the home page of your website, you must strategically use words to make your clients eager to buy your products and services.


And you can do this through these 6 tips:



1// Have only one goal and call-to-action per page

Write with just one objective in mind and you’ll see how you’ll automatically use words to achieve this objective.

A very common mistake that I’ve seen a lot of businesses make is that they have to many call-to-actions on their website. Especially e-commerce sites, they have their best products on their home page, as well as their new products, they best-sellers of the month, offers, buttons to make people subscribe to their email list, buttons to their social media networks, a call-to-action to visit their blogs…


People get lost.


If they can’t find what they are looking for in seconds, you’ll have lost their attention and they’ll leave your site.


Make sure each of your pages has its own objective and guide your potential clients through the different sections of your website to find what they’re looking for.


2// Have only one audience in mind when writing your texts

You should write your texts as if you were having coffee with one of your potential clients. Think about his/her doubts and explain them through your texts in a plain and easy way.


Avoid all these corporate language that most businesses are still using. Fancy words won’t make you more intelligent or professional. But being understood by your clients will.


Talk to your clients and show them that you understand their concerns, and present your offer in a way that they can understand the benefits at a glance.


3// Converse with your audience

Make it conversational. I’m sure that you know this typical person who always talks about himself/herself. Or imagine a first date where the other person keeps talking about himself/herself and doesn’t really care about what you have to say. They’re annoying, right?


And we don’t want to be annoying.


Ask questions to your potential clients. Listen to their opinions and suggestions. Your best business ideas will come from listening to your audience.  


4// Avoid unnecessary jargon that may make you lose readers

If you’ve been working in a specific field for a while, I’m sure that you’re using jargon from that field as your daily vocabulary.


However, that doesn’t mean that your potential clients know must know the same jargon (although maybe they do).

Try to avoid them in the texts of your website. You never know who will read your website or who will be interested in your business.


Explain what you do with daily words that everyone knows.


Target text, source text, CAT tools or OCR may be words that I use every day, but I always avoid them when it comes to explain to may clients what I can do for them.


5// Cut your adjectives and focus on actionable verbs

Verbs are actions and you want to audience to do something while they’re reading your texts.

That’s why you have to encourage them to act through the use of verbs in your copy.


Forget about all these empty adjectives that everyone out there is using: professional, top-notch, best, leader, etc.


Again, you won’t be more professional by using these adjectives. They don’t mean anything for your audience.


Instead, focus on telling your audience what you can do for them or what they can do thanks to your business.


6// Go straight to the point

People on the Internet are always busy. They need answers and they need them for yesterday.

They don’t read texts, they scan them. That’s why we need to make sure that they can scan through our texts.


Focus on your headlines and make sure that your texts make sense by only reading these headlines.

Make sure that they can find the answer they’re looking for at a glance.



Do you use these strategies in the texts of your website? Do you use any other technique to make your clients eager to buy your products and services? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

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