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The Internet is overcrowded.

Probably you have already heard this sentences zillions of times before.


It seems that always the same ads and promotional content follow us wherever we go. Always the same business trying to sell us something. No matter where we go, in the underground, on the bus, while driving, even if we just want to chat to a friend on Facebook.

Why should you bother to create a new blog when there are already loads of people writing about your idea?


It’s very hard to stand out and be creative when everything has already been invented.

We keep trying but your competitors, the big players, are the ones getting all the benefits of the online world.

It seems impossible to make a project work when there are so many of these big players out there. It’s demotivating.


Every time that you’re working on your project, you end up finding out that someone is selling the same than you. And s/he’s doing better than you already.

Back to stage one.


Does it ring a bell?

Well, let me tell you something.

There is something that your competition isn’t doing to stand out.



When we think about standing out, we always think about something very creative or innovative to change the way the market works.

At the end of the day, that’s what businesses like Apple or Coca-Cola did, right?


They created a need in a market. But 99% of businesses that try to create a need in a market fail.

Standing out can be simpler than that. It may be as simple as doing things different to your competitors to get benefits from where they’re not getting any.


It seems complicated, but it’s not.

Words are essential in business, but very few people are aware of the importance and the impact that they have on their business.

This is what words and languages can do for you:



1. Get to know your audience as much as you can

Understanding your audience must be the foundation of your business.

If you don’t know what your audience is asking for, you won’t be able to adapt your products or services to their needs and you won’t be able to sell them.


Communicating with your audience is basic. And I’m afraid that you can’t do that without words.

And not just that, you need to use the correct words to ask the correct questions and get the correct information. That’s only one of the benefits of using copywriting services.


Words are powerful if you use them strategically.

If you want to target an international audience, you’ll have to speak their language and adapt your business culture to theirs. Because we like to feel like home when we do business.

Understanding what worries our potential client is basic when we want to sell.


2. Connect with your potential clients

Words can make our clients feel special when we do business. Only when they notice that we’re treating them as they deserve, they’ll buy your products or services.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best deal in the market. If you can’t convey that through words in your marketing materials, they’re not going to buy.


And writing strategically isn’t that hard, believe me. But very few people pay attention to it.

They write sales copies just because they have to, without paying attention to what their clients need to read to buy that product.



Ikea is well aware of this. We just need to analyse how they write their texts.


In this example we can see that the product description isn’t telling us every single feature of this mattress. They’re focusing on the benefits that we’re getting if we buy it.

And the picture is helping us to picture the mattress in our bedrooms.


This product description is making us think about how our lives will be after having bought the product.

I love Ikea’s catalogues and I’m always eager to read to next one. Every time I read a new catalogue, I’ve got the feeling that I want to buy it all. And I’m sure that most of you feel the same way, right?


It’s not because they sell the best products or the most beautiful ones – let’s be honest, this mattress isn’t probably the best that you can find in your city.

However, they make you feel something through their marketing materials. (Wouldn’t that mattress look beautiful in your bedroom?)


3. Reach a new audience

Being able to communicate in a different language can open a lot of doors for your business.


It’s the ideal skill to start with if you want to target a different market to start selling your products or services abroad and internationalise your business. Translating your website and marketing materials is the best starting point to attract international clients.

Hiring an interpreter specialise in the targeted culture is the best choice to close a deal with an international client.




Think for a moment about the number of expats living in your country, the number of tourists that visit your city every week or the number of international students that come every year to live in your country.


Most of this people come to your country without speaking your language. They can’t communicate and they’re scared of buying because they think they can’t be understood.

This is probably a segment in your market that isn’t being targeted.


You have no idea how many hotel websites in Edinburgh aren’t translated into a different language, when it’s obvious that most of their clients aren’t English native speakers and a good number of them can’t even speak the language.

They could simply get their websites translated to the language of their main group of guests to increase sales and have more visibility among this audience. And I’m sure that you can apply this to you business as well.


Think about your niche and how many foreign people or markets abroad need your products or services. Can’t you afford losing all these potential clients?


4. Stand out of the crowd and position your business through linguistic services

When you target a segment that hasn’t been targeted yet in your market, you’ll be considered an authority for this segment. They’ll come to you because you’re specifically covering their needs.

You’ll also be differentiating your business from your competition. Taking different actions than those of you competition will make you stand out cover the need of potential clients that your competence isn’t targeting.


You’ll be adding value with your business, which will justify why your clients should hire you over your competition.


Do you want to know what to do next?


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My name is David Miralles and I am aware of how languages can influence professional environments. Honing communication between two cultures has become crucial in today’s globalized world. And that is what I do by means of my translation and interpreting services. Small and medium enterprises and individuals can now spread their messages through cultural and linguistic barriers and make a big impact on an international scale.

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