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Circa Lingua started helping SMEs and entrepreneurs three years ago. After three years constantly blogging and offering the best content to help you and your business thrive, I have published over 150 articles on this blog, and 2 free e-Books that you can download now to expand your business and increase sales.


 I know, it sounds overwhelming! But don’t panic, I have created this page to organise all this content in different categories so you can go straight to the point and find the information that you’re looking for.


I hate theory! That’s why all my posts are packed with actionable strategies and tips to improve one aspect of your business. Let’s dive in!



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If you’re new to this blog, I’d recommend starting with one of my free e-Books. This is what you'll learn:

  • You’ll discover the impact that words have on your business and how you can use them to reach a new audience and increase sales.

  • You’ll learn how to define a linguistic strategy where languages and copywriting are involved to increase sales and the reach of your messages. 

  • You’ll learn how to entice prospects and maximise your online efforts through this linguistic strategy.

  • I’ll guide you through the 6 steps of this strategy so you can draft your own strategy answering easy questions that will help you analyse your current situation and the direction of your business.