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Every logo must be defined. But what does that even mean? It means that it must be fit for the nature of your business and your target audience and this is going to influence the colours and the style that we want our logos to have. Take a look at the following steps; we are about to define your logotype!

Step 1: Define the nature of your business to optimise the logo of your translation business

And by business I mean products (in our case our translation and interpreting services), blogs, brands, projects, etc. For example, let’s imagine that you are specialised in medical translation; obviously, medical translations take place in a serious and very professional environment, so the childish style of Toysrus’ logo is out of the question.

Step 2: Define your target audience.

We have to take into account the people who are going to buy from us and think about how our logos can be appealing for any prospective client. A doctor is not going to be attracted by a childish design (unless he is looking for a toy for his son); he will probably identify your business by looking at any element which has something to do with medicine.

Step 3: Think carefully about the design of your logo.

Steps 1 and 2 will influence the choice of the design. Here I wanted to talk about colours and typography.

  • Colours: I am sure that you are all familiarised with this image.

screen-shot-2014-02-17-at-23-02-12 Personally, I chose blue and grey because of the nature of my services and my target audience. Now, think about which emotion your prospective client is likely to look for in your services. What do you want to transmit with the colour of your logo?

  • Typography: There’s no rule regarding the choice of a specific typography. Advice: keep it simple. Choose a sophisticated or minimalist typography and get rid of tacky fonts. Do not use more than 2 different styles as it may confuse your clients. Here you have a very useful resource to look for the perfect typography.


Step 4: Think about the style of your logo.

Once again, review steps 1 and 2. And here I did some research: I looked for some logos related to my field of expertise and just observed the style of them. Is it minimalist, childish, romantic or formal? Get rid of any temptation to copy any design! Just look for the trends within your industry and elaborate something that can be appealing to your prospective clients.   And you? How would you define the logo of your translation business?

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